Farwell Portraits!

  • Published July 11th, 2011 by Michelle Brown
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This is one of our favorite families!  we have been creating portraits for them since their son was born!  

Bryan & Carrie were one of our very first clients when we moved to St. Simons, and we are so sad that they have moved up North!  

We are going to miss you guys and your beautiful family!  She is also one of the founders of my favorite cooking sites www.funnyspoon.com,

check it out!





Carrie Jaynes  commented on  July 12th, 2011

As always, fantastic work!!! We love, love, love Tim's photography and Michelle's amazing work. And just because we moved doesn't mean you won't be photographing us again - already talked to Tim about graduation and (gulp!) wedding photos! Thank you so much ... for everything!

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